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Frequently Asked Questions / General Infomation

When does the 2016 Fall season begin?
The Fall season games begin on September 10,  2016.

How can I find out what team my child is on?
For boys, email:
For girls, email:

How long is the season?
The regular fall season ends on November 19, 2016. Play-offs and finals will be scheduled after Thanksgiving.

Is Registration (sign up) for the current season still open?
No. Please see our Registration Page for more details.

When and where will practices be held?
The practice schedule is set by the team coach. Once your child is registered and assigned to a team, you will be contacted by the coach who will inform you of the practice schedule and practice location. 

When will I hear from my child's coach?
You should hear from your child's coach by the end of August. We are always looking for coaches. If you have not yet heard from your child's coach please consider volunteering as a coach.

How often are practices held?
Practices are held once or twice a week (field and times to be determined by your child’s coach). 

When and where are the games played?
All games are played on Saturdays. Each division (age group, gender) plays on different fields. The schedule and field locations can be found here. Game duration info can be found here.

I have children of different ages and / or  genders. Will they be able to practice at the same time and at the same location?

The practice schedule is set by the team coach. The coach will let you know the location and time that your team will be practicing. Since the children will have different coaches, they could easily have different practice schedules.

I have registered my child but not yet mailed the payment. Can my child still be assigned to a team?
Only once your child is registered and payment is received, will they be assigned to a team.

Can I request to put my child with another player or coach?
No. Due to AYSO's balanced team philosophy, we cannot guarantee any requests. 

Can I coach with my friend or neighbor?
AYSO policy specifies that the only team member(s) that a head coach may specify be on his or her team is his or her own child or children.  You are welcome to make requests and let us know your preferences, however, our team formation policy helps to ensure we have balanced and impartial teams for a fun and fair soccer environment.  You might also meet new friends for life!

What equipment will my child need?
- Soccer Cleats (cleats without the toe cleat)
- Shin guards                                                        
- Soccer Ball
     Size 3 (U 5, U 6 and U 8),
     Size 4 (U 10 & U 12)
     Size 5 (U 14- U 19)
Uniforms will be provided by the AYSO.

What division will my child play in /  Can my child play in a different  age-group division?
Players are placed on teams within their age-appropriate division based on their age as of July 31.  AYSO has a strict policy that precludes players from playing in a division that is below or above their age-group. Check  "Player Age"  here

How do I register my child?
Go to  and sign up as a new or returning player for Region 19. Electronically sign the application  (you must check the box for Electronic Signature). Print out 2 copies, sign them both and mail them to the address below with your payment of $150.00. If you are a new player to Region 19, please include a copy of the birth certificate or passport. More information is available on our Registration Page
Make checks payable to: AYSO Region 19
       AYSO Region 19 
       P.O. Box 32 
       Culver City, CA 90232 

I have mailed in my check but it has not yet been deposited / cashed.
It may take more than 30 days for your registration payment to be deposited. Please be patient. If you have not heard from your child's coach by mid-August please contact us

I'm having a problem/need help with online registration in eAYSO
If you have questions regarding eAYSO, send an email You can also call the National eAYSO help desk at  (866) 588-2976

Do I need to complete the electronic signature in eAYSO?
Yes if you are mailing in the application. If you have not completed the e-sign by checking the e-signature box, , please log back into eAYSO and select “Update Player Information” and then edit the player’s application and re-submit.

Who needs to register as a Volunteer? do I need to register as a Volunteer?
Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees and Team Parents need to register / re-register each year. To ensure the safety of both children and volunteers, each volunteer is required to take a short online training session called Safe Haven™.  The Safe Haven course focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as first aid and other on-field issues. It only needs to be taken once.  AYSO volunteers agree to an annual background check.
Coaches, Assistant Coaches & Referees will also have additional coach or referee training clinics offered by our region. Those clinics are designed to be quick, easy, and fun to take - even for those with no prior soccer experience at all. Everyone is welcome to attend those clinics, even if you don’t intend to coach or referee this season.  See the Coach  and Referee  pages for more information.

How do I register as a Volunteer?
Go to and sign up as a new or returning volunteer for Region 19. Electronically sign the application. More information is available on our Registration Page

I have changed my phone number, address etc..
You can change your or your child's address, phone number, contact information, and medical information by logging into

I would like a refund.
To obtain a refund, a written request must be made to the Registrar.
Full Refund if requested by Sept 11, 2016
Refund if Requested Sept 12 – Sept 30, 2016 –amount you paid less $50.00
No refund after Sept 30th 2016
A full refund will be provided if Region 19 cannot place your child on a team.
Please send a self addressed stamped envelope with your child's full name and birth date. 
Please mail to:
    AYSO Region 19
    Refund Request
    PO Box 32
    Culver City, CA 90232

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